TuringMachine Governance

We want to build a fully decentralized platform at TuringMachine for that applications and developers can rely on it forever.

At the first time of the release of the TuringMachine platform, we will still have the protocol administrator’s ability at some contracts. Still, to make the platform more transparent with users, we added Timelock and Whitelist into all platform contracts.

Timelock contract that moves the platform towards a “time-delayed, opt-out” upgrade pattern (rather than the “instant, forced” upgrade pattern).

The Timelock has a hard-coded minimum delay of 2 days, which is the least notice possible for admin action.

Whitelist contract will create a firewall for the protocol. All other contracts which want to access (make an internal call) to TuringMachine Contract will need to be approved first.

The community can remove the Whitelist in the future with Community's vote. For now, it will help protect the fund in the protocol by preventing any contract hacking (flash loan, etc.). If you want to connect your contract with the TuringMachine protocol, please use this guide to request our Whitelist contract.

In the future, we will move towards complete decentralization with a governance system that will replace the TuringMachine protocol’s administrator with community governance.

If you have any questions, ideas, or issues, join us at our Github.